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Fuller Potter, fabulous American artist of the Fifties.  Art investors recently noticed the soaring value and
popularity of Fuller Potter's painting styles, from Great Depression realism to the pinnacle of late Abstract
Expressionism. Fuller Potter paintings make  superb and rare additions to any art collection .  
Fuller Potter, Fibonacci, Oil on Canvas
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A wider access to Fuller Potter's work  

Access to, and knowledge of the work of this towering American  genius artist has long been restricted to the fortunate few who knew him personally and
to persons belonging to their tight knit networks.

The purpose of this site is to open up this work to a wider audience, by assembling and showing the best and most representative  of Fuller Potter's
paintings,  locating them and  indicating who are their current owners.

The Slide Show illustrates the variety of modes and art styles practiced by Fuller Potter from the beginning of his career. Fuller excelled in all these styles,
and often refused to mix them together. Abstraction eventually became his preferred mode of expression. When he embraced this mode, he never
returned to realism or figurative painting.  His earlier pieces have become  highly prized collector items.

Fuller Potter indeed displayed an aristocratic  "Connecticut Yankee" behaviour of sorts. Throughout his life, he actively participated in exhibitions in the
States of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, but did not much show his work in New York City or Boston or in States outside New England.
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Fuller Potter: a fabulous American Artist

Fuller Potter was a prolific painter. Born in 1910 in New York City, he died in 1990 in his Ledyard, Conn. estate. His wife, Alice Otis Potter survived him a few years and                    
passed away in 1996. During the 1990's decade, Fuller Potter's immense production was dispersed around.  A number of enthusiasts gathered various sized collections             
of his magnificent work.
Fuller Potter:  attaining the ultimate abstract forms of expression.

Fuller Potter, born in 1910 in New York, started painting at an early age, in the traditional figurative mode. He briefly studied
with Thomas Benton Hart, then switched to the abstract mode after meeting with Jackson Pollock and the members of the
abstract expressionism movement. He parted from this group, when he stopped adhering to their heavy drinking habits.

His semi-reclusive living style, fully and passionately devoted to painting, led him to create entirely original  and personal  
abstract art form , which he kept refining till his death in 1990. He had little interest in the entire pop-art movement, which
he considered as a distractive  "mixture" of realism and abstraction .

Fuller Potter strived to reach and attained the deepest form of direct expression, through pure painting abstraction.
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Apples, Oil on canvas, 7x14, undated
Carnations, Oil on canvas,1949, 11x14
Barty, Oil on canvas, 1948, 9x12
Arrival, Oil on canvas, 1969, 35x46
Composition 2, Plastic beads
on masonite panel, 18x80
Brook with Reeds, Oil on canvas, 14x20
Fuller Potter working in his Ledyard, Conn. workshop, four months before his death in
Snapshots captured from Video Tape by Elaine Mills
Fuller Potter's large and diversified lifetime production
Fuller Potter's work being dispersed and sold
Fuller Potter, Cathedral, Oil on Canvas, 84x144, above at  yard sale.  One of  the largest, most
intricate and spectacular of Fuller's paintings, estimated today at over one million dollars.
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Pictures captured from an amateur Video tape.
Explaining "Picasso Codes"
Painting a dark edge
Adding long due finishing touches
Oil on canvas
Room with a view
Oil on canvas
Fuller_Potter, Fabulous American Abstract Expressionist Artist Painter