A Fuller Potter exhibition
Apple Tree in Meadow
Drawing 1, Detail
Etude 18
Etude 22
Fuller Potter in 1990, at age 80, by Elaine Mills
Shady Lane in Ledyard
Etude 14
Banana Split, Detail
Your host, Ovadia Salama, Caricature by Bokov
Room with A View
Composition 15
Fuller Potter, Water Hole, 10"x14", Oil on Canvas
Etude Collage 1
Schwitters style
Etude  1
Etude 28
Fuller Potter,Cathedral 1 Draft, 8"x10", Oil on Canvas
Etude 2
Etude 29
Pear Tree
Appleas and Pears
Etude 38
Etude 33
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Self Portrait
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Apples, Detail
Fuller_Potter, Exhibition of a Fabulous American Abstract Expressionist Artist Painter