Fuller Potter's Psychoanalytic
Abstract Drawings
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Just like Jackson Pollock, and at about the same time, Fuller Potter endured intense crises culminating in
experiences of profound renewal. Just like Jackson Pollock, Fuller Potter underwent several months of
psychoanalysis. His natural tendency was to express himself graphically rather than in words - whether
spoken or written - and this tendency,  enhanced by these psychoanalytical experiences, led to produce
a fantastic body of work - more than 150 powerful drawings representing the experiences that Fuller
went through.

The selection presented on this site, along with C.L Wysuph's study ("Jackson Pollock: Psychoanalytic
Drawings", Horizon Press, New York, 1970), document the development of this most extraordinary
painter in American art and contribute to understanding the psychology of the creative act.

Fuller Potter regarded these drawings as an integral part of his artistic production. He indeed signed
quite a few of them. They clearly  however were the templates, the momentum and the movement, the
basic "road-maps of the soul" which were to lead to large intricate abstract paintings, evocating
elaborate travels in the space-time-soul five-dimensional Universes, far remote yet connected to ours.